Coronavirus: I will still have sex with nose masks and gloves – Sex worker

A Ghanian sex worker, on a phone interview on eTV Ghana’s In Bed with Adwen, has revealed that she needs to work, thus if the coronavirus situation gets critical, she will practice sexual distancing.

The woman, whose name was withheld, shared that for five days now, she has not been to work due to the coronavirus outbreak but is able to take care of her three children with the little money she has saved overtime.

However, she stated that if the pandemic persists for too long, she would have to go back practising sexual distancing. This, she explained as having sex with nose masks and gloves on.

Asked by host, Adwen, whether she is not scared of contracting the deadly disease, she replied that over the past five days, she has not been to work, she has even coughed and sneezed a few times but she has no intentions of getting tested because if she is tested positive and quarantined, there will be no one to take care of her children.

She also said, “I trust that I have not contracted the virus because even before I decided not to go to work five days ago, I already had the clients that I work with and they are white people but they’ve been in the country for a long time now”.

She assured Adwen that none of her clients has travelled outside the country recently and that they are all safe, thus, she is safe too.

Notwithstanding, Adwen, the Love Doctor advised the sex worker that due to the nature of her work, she should try as much as possible to take the test so as to keep her children and clients from harm’s way.


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