Kennedy Agyapong finally exposed Rev. Obofour?

Kennedy finally exposed Rev. Obofour?

The famous preachers as being labelled as the next to be exposed by the Member of Parliament, Honorable Ken. Agyapong.

 The preacher known as Rev. Kweku Agyei and popularly known as Rev. Obofour is said by many to be a very kind gentleman.

As many still are wondering why the MP is still not jumping on exposing the man of God, it happens the Member of Parliament has a very soft spot for the preacher. Kennedy Agyapong once explained that he will not bow to pressure from social media to attack the man of God.

Several revelations as also been made that, the preacher happen to be one of the very few philanthropists we have in the country consider all what he is doing, you can’t get it wrong.

Captain smart further reveal that the preacher is taking care of many people to the extent of taking the responsibility to pay over 500 university students fees and have built a lot of houses for others.

He further said, “you don’t judge someone from what you’ve heard from the person but rather you have to get close to the person before you hate.”

We are still waiting to find out whether the soft spot will make him not expose him or vise versa.


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