Telangana dials Bihar for 20,000 workers Updated

Though reverse migration of workers has begun from other states, the requirement is far higher than the number of persons who have arrived in the state.
Rice millers and the agriculture sector alone need at least 20,000 hamalis (labourers), particularly those who specialise in loading and unloading paddy and rice and doing other chores at rice mills and paddy procurement centres.
Less than 500 hamalis, who specialise in loading and unloading of paddy and rice, have arrived from Bihar against the requirement of 20,000 persons. The state government has taken up the matter with the Bihar administration as thousands of hamalis who are in touch with rice millers in Telangana have expressed their willingness to come and work in the state.
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The crisis being faced by rice millers and agriculture sector presently is shortage of labour, particularly hamalis.
A majority of some 30,000 hamalis who had come from various states were now returning home.
The Telangana government has requested the Bihar government to give permission for the workforce to be transported to Telangana in special Shramik Special trains after conducting Covid-19 tests and maintaining social distancing norm during travel.
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Chief secretary Somesh Kumar has also sent a list of workers (hamalis) who are staying in various districts of Bihar and who have given their consent to come to work if provided transportation facility.
A member of the Rice Millers’ Association said the paddy procurement would have been completed by now if hamalis were there.“Over 30,000 hamalis had gone to Bihar for Holi and could not return due to lockdown. Now, they are willing to come but officials are not allowing them to take the special train to Telangana. All efforts are being made to bring them back,” he said.


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